Training & Education Services

Empowering users, educating operators, & improving productivity

Onsite Training

Encobotics is proud to offer onsite training in many areas of expertise. Not only do we provide extensive training on our own automation cells, but in many cases we are able to train maintenance personnel, operators, or programmers at a component level on existing automation. Onsite training is customizable to your specific needs, and can be as personal as a day or two of one-on-one training, or scaled up to classroom style instruction specifically tailored to the needs of the attendees.

KUKA College

For the ultimate in KUKA robot specific training, look no further than classes held in KUKA's US headquarters and training facility in Shelby Township, MI. Offering classes for users from any background and level of training, a trip to KUKA College is a rare opportunity to learn, try, and fail on a robot without bringing down production. Classes cover many topics, and are usually four to five day courses culminating in testing and certification. Each day is split between classroom sessions and hands-on time with robots, applying and cementing what you've just learned.

In-House Training

If you find it hard to break free from distractions and focus at your facility, Encobotics has the solution for you! Rather than bring down production and try to retain knowledge in between disruptions, bring your training to Encobotics. We offer in-house training on many aspects of automation, and can fully train your operators and personnel on your equipment before it leaves our facility. Give your automation projects the best chance for success by engaging personnel early, letting them get involved in the creation process, and taking ownership from day one.

Training Cells

It is commonly known that when class sizes grow, retention rates suffer because of limited resources. If many people need training, or shutting down a line for training just isn't feasible, Encobotics can provide specialized portable training cells. These cells are lightweight, easily transported, and, in many cases, plug directly into a standard wall socket for training anywhere it is required.

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